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Kai Hayes

Kai Hayes is a five-foot dynamo of energy, inspiration, and determination who once walked down the dirt roads of the Philippines.

Today, Kai walks across the stage to inspire crowds of thousands with her secrets to Personal, Spiritual and Leadership growth which lead her to financial success and amazing Lifestyle.


Kai's Story

Today, Kai is mother to her only son Nico, two stepchildren Grant & Michelle, and married to the love of her life, Greg. Together, they give back by running the Bridge of Hope Ministry to help the impoverished children in the Philippines. She is dedicated to helping others achieve health, time, and money freedom.

Originally from the Philippines, and the youngest of four siblings, Kai Hayes lived an impoverished life. With little to no resources, she discovered courage and greatness within.

Kai’s determination to create financial freedom propelled her as she overcame numerous barriers in life to become a top corporate executive and established her own telecommunications business in Asia. Recognizing no limits, Kai continued to skyrocket forward and now became a successful global entrepreneur in network marketing.

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